Extra Information

What do the housekeepers do?

Our housekeepers service the rooms on a daily basis, are there to help out with any queries, keep the gardens and pool in good order and generally help out in any way they can. If however you would prefer not to have this service then that is absolutely fine just let us know.

Where do the housekeepers live?

The housekeepers live on site in completely separate accommodation.

Do we need to bring beach towels?

No, we have a good supply of beach towels available

How far is the nearest supermarket?

here is a supermarket about 10mins drive from Island Bay or in Avarua you will find the main shopping area and this is around 20mins drive.

Is there WIFI at the house?

We have a Wi-Fi hotspot at the house

Do you have a blender?

Yes we have a fully equipped kitchen including a blender.

Do you have hair dryers?

Yes we have a hair dryer in each of the rooms including the cottage.